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Someone Is Jumping on the Glass!

Tue Mar 20 14:24:21 CST 2018 351Hits

For the shower-room glass, is it “the thicker, the safer”?

The answer is no.

Although thick glass is visually firm and unbreakable, inside, the thickness could weak its heat-conduct function, which leads to asymmetry in heat spread, and then, ends up with an unexpected break.

Also, as the thickness devotes a lot to the weight, it can be a big challenge to hardware fittings on carrying capacity. Think twice about whether the fittings can hold it or not and what may happen if the answer is "no".

All these tell us, it's so vital to consider comprehensively when picking a shower room, instead of focusing greatly on thickness.

Therefore, you should give it an all-around check when picking shower room, instead of taking the thickness as the vital requirement.

- But, if it's not thickness, what functions make a shower room a qualified one?

- A qualified shower room should have Three Features, and JOMOO achieves them all to a high standard.

1/ Look! the Glass can “Stoop”!

Sharing the same weight, the glass who can “stoop” wins.

We have tested the weight-bearing capacity on a piece of JOMOO shower room glass, 6 mm-thick, by keeping adding sandbags that weight 5kg each.


▲ When the sandbags’ weight reaches 215kg, a piece of JOMOO glass stoops into a beautiful curve

What’s more, a man was invited to jump on the glass many times to test its elasticity.


▲ Let’s jump!

JOMOO glass for shower room develops the ability to "stoop" by intensifying tenacity and elasticity, making it much safer than others.


2/ They can be Tough Too

The glass of the shower room is actually a toughened glass, which should be qualified for preventing itself from breaking.

A truck weighing 6 tons below shows us the tempering function of JOMOO shower room glass.


▲ The truck easily breaks the common shower-room glass (left one), while JOMOO shower-room glass (right one) stays perfect

This surprising performance of JOMOO shower-room glass owes to the material. JOMOO use automotive toughened glass together with 8-grades Explosion Prevention System, which 9.5 times its safety factor.


▲ JOMOO shower room glass stays perfect.

3Anti-explosion Membrane Values a Lot

Another vital feature of JOMOO shower-room glass is the anti-explosion membrane.

Common toughened-glass, usually not applying anti-explosion membrane, would directly break if get thumped suddenly.


▲ Common shower-room glass (left) VS JOMOO shower-room glass (right)

JOMOO shower-room glasses are all equipped with a high-quality anti-explosion membrane that can bond all the fragments, preventing them from splashing everywhere.


JOMOO shower room

By intensifying the tenacity, elasticity, tempering functions of the glass and applying anti-explosion membrane, JOMOO ensures the perfect quality of its shower room, providing people a care-free shower experience.



JOMOO SHOWER SEASON is coming on March 22!

Our 1st stop is Uganda, Africa.

Customize service provided;

Various styles with big discount;

Welcome to JOMOO store in Uganda!

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