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Meet JOMOO Product Family at KBC 2018

Thu Jun 07 16:33:22 CST 2018 641Hits

Chat with a toilet? Customize your space at will? Wanna get yourself immersed in perfectly designed kitchen, bathroom and balcony? Well, you can experience them all in JOMOO's booth at KBC 2018! 


If you cannot join the visiting crowd, just follow today's post to be "on-site", meeting JOMOO product family at KBC 2018!



Visitors at JOMOO's booth


JOMOO aims to heighten people's sensory shower experience whilst conserving water and energy. At KBC 2018, we bring more revolutionary shower solutions like Hydropower Light shower, Air-Booster·Waltzes shower, and Remote Control shower, etc. 


JOMOO shower & faucet area

At JOMOO's booth, visitors can experience the innovative faucets while learning how they function through the screen. On displaying are Ballon H2 faucet, Edge Ultra-Thin faucet, Wiser Ⅱ One-Button Start faucet and so on.


JOMOO technology experience area

Here come our shining stars — intelligent toilets and bidet seats! 


G6 Intelligent Toilet (left); M6 Intelligent Toilet (middle); iJoy Intelligent Toilet (right)

G6 intelligent toilet installs the latest technology — Ali IoT voice cloud interaction, with that, people can really "talk" to the toilet and instruct it to serve them in the way they like. What's more, iJoy Intelligent Toilet, equipped with modularized officinal cleaning tank, features wide-covering, powerful, and healthy bidet cleanse.


Enjoy-Intelligent Bidet Seat (left); iJoy Intelligent Bidet Seat (middle); Sharing Intelligent Bidet Seat (right)

Except for individual products, there are 5 different suites to demonstrate minimalism, intelligent or vintage styles of kitchen or bathroom, allowing visitors to immerse themselves in the space JOMOO creates, where every single part is perfectly matched with each other.


Made for dreams

JOMOO M6 suite - kitchen

JOMOO M6 suite - bathroom

JOMOO M6 suite - balcony

Designed by German Phoenix Design. Exceptional in design and production, its hand-tailor process connects the past and future. Adhering to the aesthetics in interior design, M6 presents you the superb bathroom, enhancing your experience.



Floating in the sea, breathing free


JOMOO Sailing suite - basin & faucet


JOMOO Sailing suite - urinal 

(iF Design Award 2018 winner)

Designed by Dirk Schumann, this suite is inspired by the shape of the sail. Feature both romantic and calm. Every detail hits the spot. Reflect the power of the sail; show the attitude of freedom. The angled position of the urinal offers more protection and privacy to the user. 


Simple but elegant. Create distinguished space.


JOMOO Edge bathroom suite


Ultra-thin, concise and outstanding. 

Contoured for extreme comfort, it creates a delightful space.

Redefine the connection between beauty and practicability; Perfect inside and out.


Concise space, wise organizer.


JOMOO Organizer bathroom suite


German-style rigorous and humanized design. Abundant storage spaces help you preserve things where they belong wisely and simply. Leaving the space neat and light. An ideal suite for urban homeowners.



Auspicious vermilion, decent rosewood


JOMOO New Epoch kitchen suite

Picture a traditional Chinese garden integrating modern inspirations. Be peaceful to face prosperity or adversity. Appreciate the blossoms and wilts of flowers; be calm to deal with the reunion or departure. Watch the scudding and clearing of clouds.

In the middle of the booth is JOMOO's new C2F customization area. It helps meet consumer demand for more customization that makes each part blend perfectly with people's preferred design.



JOMOO customization area - C2F

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