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Four Reddot Awards! JOMOO Design Gains Recognition Again

Fri Mar 15 10:56:57 CST 2019 1872Hits

Recently, the Reddot Award 2019 Winners have come out after the 40 experts of the Jury tested, discussed and evaluated the submitted products over a period of three days.


With the cutting-edge technologies and high-level design ability, JOMOO’s 4 products have been selected as the winners of Reddot Award: Product Design 2019, and this is the fifth year that we clinched the honors!


Now, let's have a look at these award-winning products!

Apex Series

JOMOO 2019 Reddot Award winner - Apex Series.jpg

Inspired by water ripples, Apex faucet series combines the aesthetics with good controllability. Improved cartridge can provide the optimum water volume in different situations thus it can help to save resource. Apex Series includes two single-handle faucets in different height, a double-handle faucet, a shower set, and bath accessories that will bring an overall hardware solution to your bathroom.


JOMOO 2019 Reddot Award winner - SMOOTH.jpg

The shower nozzles are very easy to be blocked in the places with bad water quality. With distinctive red thimbles, JOMOO Smooth Anti-limescale Head Shower utilizes the water pressure to automatically remove the limescale deposits during the shower time, no need for the extra cleaning routine. Additionally, the thickness of shower head is reduced to 7.5mm only, more elegant and gorgeous.

Public Line "SYS-1"

JOMOO 2019 Reddot Award winner - Public Line.jpg

Public Line "SYS-1" is a holistic improvement of the "customer experience" in public toilets. Here, a focus on interdisciplinary development has created added value for the user as well as for the installer and the cleaning staff.


The product line is designed as a platform to meet different requirements, needs and price points, for example from schools and train stations, to restaurants, shopping centers, and luxury hotels. Except for the Reddot Award, it also wins the laurels of German ICONIC AWARDS!

Meka Shower

JOMOO 2019 Reddot Award winner - Meka Shower.jpg

Based on classic geometry, the Meka shower adds optional modules innovatively, such as one-button stop, cold water pre-discharge, water temperature digital display, and large shelving board, etc.

JOMOO 2019 Reddot Award winner - Meka Shower 1.jpg

Users can choose different modules freely to match into a set to meet their own needs, fully enjoying the fun of shower with personality.


JOMOO design awards.jpg

Immersed in the design and innovation for smarter life, JOMOO has won 21 iF Design Awards, 21 Reddot Design Awards, 3 German Design Awards and many other world-renowned design prizes so far, ranking the forefront in the industry. These awards prove JOMOO’s outstanding design and innovation capacity again.


Reddot logo.jpg

Found in 1955, Red Dot is a prestigious annual design competition based in Germany. It is the industry benchmark for excellence in product design and one of the biggest and most influential design awards.

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