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JOMOO Wins the German Innovation Award 2019

Wed Jun 05 09:41:53 CST 2019 1968Hits

1The Award Ceremony.jpg

Natascha Naumann(left) and Daniel Dirks(right)

Designers from JOMOO German Design Team

After winning the German ICONIC AWARDS and Reddot Design Award 2019, JOMOO's Public Line "SYS-1" bore the palm again! 

On 28 May 2019, JOMOO was honored the Winner of the German Innovation Awards at a gala event held at the Technik Museum in Berlin.


JOMOO Public Line "SYS-1"

JOMOO Public Line "SYS-1" is designed as a platform to meet different requirements, needs and price points, from schools and train stations to restaurants, shopping centres, and luxury hotels.

It not only improves the customer experience in public toilets to a new level but also creates added value for the user as well as for the installer and the cleaning staff. 

German Innovation Award4.jpg

German Innovation Award is an award for user-centered added value compared to previous solutions. This event was rich in cross-industry products and solutions, ranging up to complex robotics. 

The Award Ceremony 3.jpg

The Ceremony of German Innovation Awards 2019

"Innovations take place, even if they are not visible at first glance." Mr. Andrej Kupetz, CEO of the German Design Council, pointed out. The purpose of this award is to change this. 

JOMOO Public Line "SYS-1" recognized by German Innovation Awards is not only about the aesthetics, but about its meaningful Innovation.


JOMOO always attaches great importance to innovation and intelligent manufacturing, investing more than 5% of sales revenue to product research and development every year. We already own more than 3000 patents and have won many world-renowned design awards, including 21 iF Design Awards, 21 Reddot Design Awards, 3 German Design Awards and the German ICONIC Awards, etc.

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