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JOMOO Becomes the Supplier of Myanmar National Library

Mon Jul 08 09:08:06 CST 2019 4890Hits

The National Library of Myanmar (Yangon).jpg

The National Library of Myanmar (Yangon) 

Source: Global Voices

Established in 1952, the National Library of Myanmar is the oldest library of Myanmar, housing more than 220,000 books, divided into 10 sections.


Currently, the renovation of Yangon branching is under process. As the sanitary ware supplier, JOMOO offered a satisfying solution to meet the unique needs for it. This project will be available to the public when it is completely refurbished in the year-end.


Why does the National Library of Myanmar choose JOMOO? Let's take a look!

JOMOO wall-mounted toilet.jpg

JOMOO wall-mounted toilet for National Library of Myanmar 


Without the water tank, this wall-mounted toilet saves the public space, making the restroom more capacious and comfortable. The self-cleaning glaze of this product is smooth and not easy to be stained, minimizing the cleaning work and keeping it sanitary and bright as new. 

The most important thing for the library is keeping quiet. The toilet JOMOO provides uses silent water fittings and slow-close seat, efficiently decreasing the noise to the minimum, and protecting the readers from being disturbing and distracting.

JOMOO urinal.jpg

JOMOO urinal for National Library of Myanmar 


Built in high-quality induction system,  this urinal can sense users in-and-out accurately and flush immediately, keeping it odor-free. And the high-quality ceramic makes it anti-cracking and ultra-low water absorption, ensuring the long-term use. 

JOMOO Projects_副本.jpg

JOMOO has cooperated with numbers of construction projects, including global five-star hotels, tourist resorts, international competition venues, national key projects, etc. You may find JOMOO all over the world! Let's go and explore together!

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