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JOMOO Becomes the Sanitary Ware Supplier of Beijing Daxing Airport

Fri Oct 25 17:23:00 CST 2019 1039Hits

The much-anticipated Beijing Daxing International Airport officially opened on September 25, 2019. As the sanitary ware supplier of Daxing Airport, JOMOO provided a full range of bathroom products with excellent product quality, professional project team and one-stop solution.

The state-of-the-art Daxing Airport is hailed as the top of the list of "7 Wonders of the Modern World". It will handle 45 million passengers annually by 2021, and 72 million by 2025. It's the world's largest airport with a single building area of 1.4 million square meters and a cost of 80 billion RMB.

Insisting on artisan spirit, Daxing Airport holds the criteria of "high position, high standard, high quality and high efficiency" for construction and public facilities, which made the project acceptance qualified rate of 100%. 


Source: China Construction Eighth Engineering Division Co., Ltd.

For the products and services, JOMOO has its own rigorous standards. JOMOO products have been used in 83 restrooms in the public area of Daxing Airport, whose design is cutting-edge and trendy. There are JOMOO wall-hung tankless toilets, which present smooth lines and delicate texture to match the modern style of the airport with a sense of art and technology.


Inside the Restroom in Daxing Airport 

Besides, considering the huge amount of passengers and the high frequency of using and cleaning, JOMOO provided a comprehensive solution consisting of full sets of bathroom products like induction faucets, induction urinals, ceramic basins, etc.

The ceramic product with JOMOO's patented self-cleaning glaze is smooth and easy to clean, keeping new after long-time use; the basin faucet takes the high-quality ceramic cartridge which ensures it can be switched smoothly even in the case of frequent use.


In addition, the mother-and-baby room uses the JOMOO baby safe seat and baby changing station to create a safe, convenient and energy-efficient space for special groups.

JOMOO persists in the criteria of "respond 100%, follow 100%, target 100% with 0 complain". We install every toilet wholeheartedly, and test each of faucets scrupulously to assure that all the customers could enjoy JOMOO's professional and standardized services.


JOMOO infuses health and humanity into the innovative design to present perfection and delicacy, leading the innovation of the industry. In addition, we are also the supplier of sanitary ware for many countries' landmark projects in the world, such as Bird's Nest, Myanmar National Library, etc. The total number of projects JOMOO serviced has reached more than 10,000.


In the future, you can find JOMOO all around the world!

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