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JOMOO Won 18 iF Design Awards 2020!

Wed Feb 26 17:45:31 CST 2020 1117Hits

Recently, the winners of the iF DESIGN AWARD 2020 are revealed! JOMOO won 18 iF Design Awards in all, with the leading industrial design strength in the bath field.

CLARITY Smart Toilet

CLARITY Smart Toilet, one of the winning products, utilizes the latest Silver Ions (Ag+) Anti-Bacterial Technology into water, which would automatically sterilize the toilet bowl after using.

Luna skincare hand shower

Luna combines beauty products with hand showers. By turning the knob, lotion which contains lots of skincare ingredients will spray out with the water and moisturize your entire body quickly, just like a SPA. It is a good way of cleansing and protecting your skin in a limited time.

Mini Clothers Dryer

This Mini Clothers Dryer is designed for the travelers of the Express Hotel to solve the problem of expensive laundry costs and unsanitary towels which are prone to bacterial residues. 

JOMOO Winning Products

Up to now, JOMOO has won 63 international authoritative design awards, including iF Design Award, Reddot Design Award, GOOD DESIGN AWARD.

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