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JOMOO i+ Self-Disinfection Smart Toilet Globally Released

Wed Mar 11 08:58:30 CST 2020 491Hits

March 9th, JOMOO launched the world’s first Self-Disinfection Smart Toilet "i+ Series" globally. 
New research indicates that COVID-19 is also spread by fecal-oral transmission, not just by respiratory droplets or environmental contact. It means viruses are likely to hide in people’s bathrooms.

With the aim of guarding users' health, JOMOO brings i+ Series Smart Toilet which builds 3 lines of protection.

First Line: Pre-wet Protection

JOMOO i+ Smart Toilet will spray filtered clean water automatically at the moment of people sitting on the seat, which will moisten the inner surface of the toilet bowl, to lubricate the bowl and prevent bacteria attaching.

Second Line: Water Curtain Protection

When flushing, the cyclone produced by common toilets would push bacteria and aerosols to 6 meters away. Those invisible bacteria and viruses will float in the air for some hours, and even drop at towels and clothes in your bathroom, which may well create the possibility of secondary transmission.

To prevent the spread of aerosol transmissible diseases, JOMOO innovated the Water Curtain Protection function, water curtain forms while flushing. It can not only stop odor, but isolate the aerosol and prevent fecal-oral transmission, keeping your bathroom fresh and clean.

Third Line: Self-Disinfection

Thorough disinfection will automatically start after using the toilet. The specially developed Magnetic Quick Release Disinfecting Device will spray disinfectant to sterilize the bowl. It makes bathrooms more sanitary while guards families for using next time.

Besides the 3 lines of protection, JOMOO i+ Smart Toilet provides much more anti-bacterial functions.

JOMOO i+ Smart Toilet adopts Ag+ Anti-Bacterial Toilet Seat, protecting you even out of your sight.

Equipped with the Self-Cleaning Nozzle which can be easily detached and cleaned, it ensures you a more thorough cleaning experience.
JOMOO i+ Series now has been released globally, the Pre-sale activity has started! 

JOMOO, start your smart life.

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