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Success in the design world! JOMOO wins The G-Mark Design Award

Mon Oct 19 10:44:36 CST 2020 520Hits

The winners of Japan's G-Mark Design Award 2020 (GOOD DESIGN AWARD) have recently been announced on the official website. JOMOO stood out from thousands of entries and successfully won the award, for the second time.


Today, the Good Design Award is considered one of the most renowned design awards and has acquired a reputation of "Oriental Design Oscar". With new products emerging constantly, it aims to select and commend "good design" in various forms to guide our lives, industry and even the society as a whole that develops towards a more abundant life. As famous as three other major industrial design awards (Red Dot, IF, and IDEA), the eye-catching "Gmark" is recognized by consumers worldwide and serves as a symbol of a good design product.


The two winning products are JOMOO CLEANSE and JOMOO BREVITY smart toilets. JOMOO CLEANSE is one of the latest models of smart toilet series. JOMOO has developed this model in a response to the recent coronavirus pandemic, equipping the toilet with a disinfection device. After each use the disinfection process is performed automatically killing 99.9% of bacteria and viruses.


BREVITY is a compact, tankless smart toilet. Being 1/3 less in size in comparison to standard toilets, it efficiently solves limited bathroom space problem, while its sleek and elegant design can complement any bathroom. You can easily reach every part of its simply shaped bowl, which makes it easy to clean. Despite its compact look, it has a powerful flushing system and an easy-to-use control button.


Its simple and practical design had won jury members over. To quote jury: “It is interesting to target young people simple lifestyle. It corresponds to a narrow and small size bathroom, and combined with a sensor flush makes up a unique product."


Good design invites us to lead new lifestyles and can completely change our lives. With its world-class design level, JOMOO leads the brand to shine on the world stage. It has won 68 iF and Red Dot International Design Awards, leading the industry with its outstanding product design and innovative technology.


In the future JOMOO plans on continuing to develop its independent innovations, with impeccable craftsmanship and perfect integration of artificial intelligence, Internet of Things and other technologies into product design. JOMOO strives to lead and drive industrial innovation and development, and to create more cutting-edge and smart products to ultimately provide more comfortable living space.


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