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How Faucets Are Made: JOMOO Hardware Factory.

Tue May 11 14:41:13 CST 2021 193Hits

All of us use faucets at least a few times a day. Have you ever wondered about a journey it had gone through before it ended up in front of your eyes? Let us lift the curtain a bit...

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JOMOO has been making faucets and other hardware for several decades. Like everything in this life, the production process has undergone a lot of transformations. Here is what the modern hardware production looks like.

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JOMOO Hardware Factory, the birthplace of JOMOO, was established at 1990. Nowadays it`s one of the six JOMOO factories with automated production lines, where all processes, from order to production, are connected.

The process begins with making cores, which are made from sand mixed with resin. The resin added makes the sand core strong and not easy to break, which is essential for casting.

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The next step is injection molding. JOMOO uses high-quality refined copper and a lead-free technology. Then robots pour molten brass into the mold cavities of casting machines that use the low casting pressure method.


injection molding.png

Then those soon-to-be perfect faucets cool off, and are moved to the next stage. Here, the rough castings are machined for a more refined look. After being machined, every single product is tested for leakage.

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The next step is polishing, which is actually done in 4 steps. Our robots help us with that every step of the way. After learning off human movements, they polish with incredible precision and require very little human intervening.


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The last step is electroplating. Every hardware piece is coated in 3 layers of chrome and nickel, which give the surface its corrosion-resistant properties.


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Now it is ready to be carefully packaged and delivered to your home.

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